General Student Awards Nomination Form

General Student Awards Nomination Form

Student Scholarship Award Nomination Form

Each year, UICOMP students are recognized for outstanding acheivement by students, staff, and faculty. To nominate a student for any of the nine scholarship awards below, please complete this nomination form by March 8th. Please complete a seperate form for each award. 

Recipients will be recognized at UICOMP's annual Student Awards Event on Thursday, April 29th, 2021 at 5:00pm at Jump.

Alvin and Diane Watne Scholarship (M1-M4)
Typical award amount: $900- $1,000
Awarded to deserving students with unanticipated needs. Not recognized through other awards and scholarships. Individual merit and professionalism to be considered. Academics excluded as a criterion.

Anthony J. Parisi Endowed Award (M1-M4)
Typical award amount: $600-$700
Student who has overcome difficulties, exemplifies the Golden Rule, and has financial need.

Bernard Cahill Endowed Award (M1-M4)
Typical award amount: $500
Academic Merit. Preference to research. Orthopedics, scholastic work worthy of recognition.

Dan Araya Endowed Inspiration Award (M4) Nominations only by faculty/deans.
Typical award amount: $900-$1,000
Ability to succeed in spite of difficult circumstances: optimistic, encouraging outlook, disciplined study and work habits. Shown improvement during medical school.

Joseph & Ellen Solovy Endowed Scholarship (M4)
Typical award amount: $2,000-$2,500
Commitment to practicing Primary Care in central Illinois for a minimum of 5 years. Must match to a Peoria residency.

Kerry Spooner-Dean Endowed Award (M4)
Typical award amount: $4,000-$4,300
Priority to community service, then to student entering Pediatrics.

Dr. Pushpa & Paul Joseph Scholarship (M3)
Typical award amount: $3,500-$4,000
Overcoming adversity with a positive, unselfish attitude with successful completion of M1 & M2 year requirements. Awarded in M3 year.

Richard Trumpe Endowed Award (M3)
Typical award amount: $1,000-$1,300
Illinois resident from outside Cook County. Qualities of leadership, service, and integrity.

Student Excellence Award (M3)
Typical award amount: $1,000-$1,500
Strong academic performance, outstanding peer evaluations, and significant contributions to the UICOMP community.

Please choose the award you are nominating for:

Please choose the award you are nominating for: